Extreme Cooling Components

CPU LN2/Dice Copper ECO Pot

Price: 110 euro

  • 1kg copper base
  • 160 mm tall, 60mm base diameter, 54mm pipe diameter
  • mounting kit (Acetal bracket, black anodized aluminium backplate, bolts and nuts) compatibile with all popular sockets:
    • Intel 775/115x/1366/2011
    • AMD AM2/AM3/AM4
  • Included Armaflex insulation for the pot and the board
  • Can be used with LN2 and Dice - both with acetone and alcohol, there are no sealings inside
  • Perfect for begineers who would like to start with extreme overclocking

RAM LN2/Dice Pot

Price: 75 euro

  • Compatibile with Dominator mounting holes
  • 90ml capacity
  • 99x49x40mm
  • Nickel plated copper base and black anodized aluminium extensions
  • Suitable for dry ice (with alcohol, acetone will damage sealing) and LN2

Copper RAM LN2/Dice Heatsinks

Price: 40 euro

  • Designed for double sided DDR3 modules with 3,5mm thickness
  • Can be used also with single sided stick with thermopad from one side
  • Stainless bolts and nuts - no more damaged threads, which makes heatsinks not able to use anymore
  • Works with common RAM blocks and pot (Dominator mounting holes)
  • Can be adjusted to fit 3,3mm thick modules like PSC or Elpida Hyper for additional 10 euro